A beginning!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

We all complain!

We all complain. We complain when there is a traffic jam. We complain when we lose net connectivity. We complain if there a long queue at ATM. We complain when India loses a cricket match.
Complaining has shades. Complaining out of desperation. Complaining because of realization of helplessness. In general it stems from “Expectations leading to despair”.

Most of the times, if not all, complaining shows a sign of weakness. Weakness for - ‘acceptance of what has happened’.

Thinking logically (i.e. with common sense), we can generalize and enumerate all possible scenarios that can lead to ‘complaining’ (surprisingly, there aren’t plenty) :-

- We had choice, but we chose what turned out to be ‘wrong choice’ (e.g. you purchased a bike after doing all necessary homework but now the bike breaks down frequently).
- We had no choice (e.g. getting trapped in traffic jam).

More often than not, real life scenarios won’t exactly fit into these, but would be some combination of them.
Had we had choice (former case), we had made our decision to what seemed the wise move at that time.
Had we had no choice, there is nothing to regret, frown or complain about!
It is as simple as that. And we all know it! Why do we still keep complaining?
Perhaps, as Dale Carnegie points out, “Our trouble is not ignorance, but inaction”.

For every ailment under the sun
There is a remedy or there is none
If there be one try to find it
If there be none never mind it.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Mapping Infinite world ....

A simple question: how many 3-letter words can be formed with 26 alphabets?
Equally simple answer: 26 x 26 x 26 (as each time we get a choice to choose from 26 alphabets).

Now, lets extend our counting problem little further. How many symbols do newspapers use usually? Lets say 100 (A-Z, a-z, 0-9, punctuation marks, special characters).

How many such symbols can a line accommodate? Make a guess!
Lets say its 200 (just for the sake of discussion).

And how many such a line a newspaper can carry in general?
Lets assume the number is: 5000 (again, for the sake of discussion).

Now, in how many ways can such a newspaper be filled with available 100 symbols?
100 x 100 x 100 ... (200 x 5000 times).

In short it is 100 raised to the power of (200 x 5000).

(Note: This count also includes weird combinations like all words starting with 'AAA' etc. However, this doesn't bother us as the sole purpose is to present an argument and a new insight. Also, the accuracy of figures like 200 alphabets per line is not our concern).

Now, think of the newspaper on the day:
[100 raised to the power 200 x 5000] + 1 (though large, of course this is a finite number)

The newspaper on that day HAS to be a repetition!!!

See the implications? We just proved that there can exist two days with SAME newspaper. What does this mean? How do we 'interpret' this? Perhaps, the contexts might be different. Perhaps the 'world' has changed. But, if 'Team A has beaten Team B in some sport' then it’s recurring again!

Not every newspaper will find its 'duplicate'. But, if we are to cut down on the number of newspapers who have 'duplicates' then we effectively increase the number of 'repetition' a newspaper can undergo!

Where is the hitch? The problem is with 'function' that tries to map presumably 'infinite' domain of real world to 'finite' range of 'newspaper'.

When you eliminate all that is impossible; whatever remains however improbable must be the truth!

Friday, October 15, 2004

Beginning of 'A beginning!'

Few months back, I shifted to new cubicle and found people around me to be frequent blog posters. I was so ignorant till late that when I first heard the term ‘blog’, I actually googled to check out its meaning! Soon, I had my account created on blogspot.com. However, some 2 months have passed before I am actually posting something. I have had a go at it - I have posted few ‘comments’ before ; but this is my first shot at actually writing something.

The ability to think is undoubtedly one of the most distinguishing assets that human race has. Along with this ability, there comes a need – a need for expression of thoughts. Thoughts need some outing or else it can erupt just like a volcano – in some undesired form.

Each individual ‘chooses’ his/her own way. Some might discuss with friends, some might discuss with relatives, some might write a diary, or combination of one or more of these. And of course, not to forget, some people write blogs!!!

How do blogs differ from other ‘expression media' ?

Talking out thoughts (with friends, relatives etc.) and writing them on a piece of paper (diary) are two extremes.
While the former makes it public, later by its very intention, wants to keep it secret. If secrecy is the intent in writing on a piece of paper, then why to write it in first place? The reason is simple – putting them in words and that too on paper, makes thoughts more concise and clear to the writer himself. Blogs, while public, retain this advantage. In fact by allowing people, to read and comment they further stimulate the process of thinking.

Well, Enough for start! Hope I can do some serious posting on the blog.

Everything you learn to do, you learn by doing!