A beginning!

Monday, December 27, 2004

Art of Li(ea)ving

I first came across ‘Art of living’ when I was in college. Like some of my friends, I had the attitude of ‘I know the art of living’ and even if I don’t, no course can teach me that!

Now almost three years later, with the curiosity and want for new experience, I ventured into doing the course.

First and foremost, it made me wake up early in the morning. To get up as early as 5.30 in winter season is not something I will do out of hobby!

It was exhilarating experience! Most people will dub the things that are taught in this course as ‘common sense’ things. But then, as Dale Carnegie says – “Our trouble is not ignorance but inaction”. The course can go a long way in getting you into ‘action’.

“Love thy enemy”, Christ said more than 2000 years ago. How many of us can do that? Give 100% in whatever you do. Can we put it in practice? ‘Art of living’ has the potential to ‘kick you into your shins’ and get you going.

Art of living is about acquiring new habits. Art of living is also ‘Art of Leaving’. Leaving tea, leaving coffee, leaving non-veg, leaving hatred...! Habits! Habits!! Habits!!! Something we do ‘just because we are used to do it that way’. Something we do without applying ‘intellect’.

It is a school of thoughts. Exposure to new thoughts often conflicts with our intellect. But then war hardened and still surviving new thoughts are the only ones that can appeal and stay with the intellect or rather become part of it.

In nutshell, I would recommend the course to anyone or everyone (if you disagree with their views, it would probably teach you how to be disagreeable and still remain agreeable!).

...and you , Marcus, you have given me many things; now I shall
give you this good advice. Be many people. Give up the game of
being always Marcus Cocoza. You have worried too much about
Marcus Cocoza, so that you have really been his slave and

P. S. My college friends would be amused to know that - during the course, I actually danced!!! (So what if everyone around me was dancing too and more importantly, everyone's eyes were closed!).